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Brandy Station


December, 2017



President: William Truitt Vice President: Don Carlson Treasurer: Gary Wilson Secretary: Erich Fritz
Board of Directors: Barry Atchison, Jane Brookins, Helen Geisler, Eugene Hankinson, Paula Johnson, Howard Lambert, Kimberly Lillard, Roger Mello, Peggy Misch, Dan Orr, John Orr, Denise Smith, Jim Woehr, Paula Woehr.



Holiday Open House, Saturday, December 9th


Wilderness Run Players at the Graffiti House in December 2015



The Brandy Station Foundation is hosting its annual Holiday Open House at the Graffiti House (19484 Brandy Road, Brandy Station) on Saturday, December 9th from 1-4 PM. Please stop by to see Civil War graffiti and enjoy holiday fare and music by the Wilderness Run Players!



President’s Corner
The Brandy Station Foundation is pleased to announce we have rescheduled our annual event which was previously postponed. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 9, 2018 for Tribute Day. We will pay tribute to all Veterans from all the wars in which Americans have participated as well as all First Responders who protect and serve us every day. This date will also commemorate the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Brandy Station. The following day, Sunday, June 10th, we plan to have our annual church service at the original site of St. James church followed by refreshments at the Graffiti House, pending confirmation by the vestry of Christ Church. More details will be forthcoming in the next newsletter.

Congratulations are in order for Tony Troilo who was honored at the 103rd Annual Culpeper Chamber of Commerce Meeting & Awards Banquet. Tony received the L.B. Henretty Memorial Award for Outstanding Citizen of the Year.

Please plan to attend our Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 9, 2017 from 1-4 pm. We will have music provided by the Wilderness Run Players and some wonderful food will be available for all of us to enjoy.

Have a beautiful and festive Holiday Season,
William Truitt, President, Brandy Station Foundation 757-371-6451



End of Year Gifts to Support the Graffiti House

If you are considering donating monies to non-profit charities or organizations this month for tax deduction purposes, please consider giving to Brandy Station Foundation. As you know from previous Newsletters we have several major maintenance/improvement projects we need to do on the Graffiti House, including Graffiti House foundation work and an internal AC/heating system. Any amount you give us will be appreciated and will be used on the House to further the work and message of Brandy Station. Thank you for your continued support.

A recent inspection shows that significant work needs to be done on the foundation of the house. Some work was done in 2009 that allowed larger groups of visitors and helped the building survive the earthquake of a few summers ago plus the vibrations from the railroad and Route 29. Yet, major work is required to keep the walls containing the graffiti stable for the foreseeable future.

The house is heated by wall mounted propane heaters and a couple of electric baseboard heaters. Cooling is done by window air conditioners. Just as in 1858 when it was built, there is no wall insulation, and the doors and windows are far from airtight. The house has needed to be closed to visitors when temperatures exceed both hot and cold limits.

If you are thinking of a donation to the Brandy Station Foundation, please keep these needs in mind.

The Brandy Station Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group and relies on tax-deductible donations to meet its goals. Please make checks out to: Brandy Station Foundation and mail to:

Brandy Station Foundation
P.O. Box 165
Brandy Station, VA 22714-0165

Credit card donations can also be processed; please email our Foundation treasurer, Gary Wilson, for details:


Spirits of the Graffiti House


Face painters Adriana Bustamante Yactayo (left)

and Ariana M. Yactayo at the Spirits of the Graffiti House


On Saturday, October 21st, the Foundation held its annual Spirits of the Graffiti House. Face painting, paranormal group findings, Halloween treats, a bonfire with marshmallows, and stories of the Graffiti House were featured. Thanks for all who helped to make the event a success, especially the event coordinator, Board Member and Volunteer Coordinator, Denise Smith.


Members of Culpeper Paranormal Investigations are

left to right: Paul Warmack, Amy Warmack, and Kim Lillard.


BSF volunteer Betty Franklin in the Captain James Marshall Room.


BSF volunteer Richard Deardoff in the Sergeant Allen Bowman Room.


BSF volunteer and Board Member Barry Atchison in the JEB Stuart Room.


Hall of Honor Wall Signer


Martin Luis Orfila signed the Hall of Honor on October 28, 2017. He is descended from three members of the Louisiana Tigers: Sergeant Juan (John) Orfila, Corporal Franco (Frank) Orfila, and Private Jayme (James) Orfila. His great uncles were members of the Spanish Regiment of the 5th European Brigade under Jubal Early.

One of the sections of graffiti in the Sergeant Allen Bowman Room (that was removed) names the Louisiana Tigers.

The commander of the Louisiana Tigers, Major Roberdeau Wheat, was evacuated to Brandy Station following the First Battle of Manassas. He was brought to the home of James Barbour, now known as Beauregard. Beauregard still stands today in Brandy Station. James Barbour initially argued against secession, but when Lincoln’s inaugural address failed to include certain concessions Lincoln cabinet members had led Barbour to believe would be contained within the address, Barbour ardently supported the withdrawal of Virginia from the Union. After the First Battle of Manassas, fought July 21, 1861, Confederate casualties were evacuated by train. Barbour’s home was used as a hospital, and one the patients recovering there was Major Wheat. He requested that Barbour change the name of his home to “Beauregard” in honor of Confederate General Pierre G. T. Beauregard, who directed the Battle of First Manassas. Barbour served on the staff of General Richard S. Ewell. During the most prominent of the various battles fought at Brandy Station—on June 9, 1863—Robert E. Lee and Ewell observed part of the action from the cupola on Beauregard, including a Federal cavalry charge that almost made it to the house. The cupola was later removed from Beauregard.

Wikipedia gives this information about the Louisiana Tigers: Louisiana Tigers was the common nickname for certain infantry troops from the State of Louisiana in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. Originally applied to a specific company, the nickname expanded to a battalion, then to a brigade, and eventually to all Louisiana troops within the Army of Northern Virginia. Although the exact composition of the Louisiana Tigers changed as the war progressed, they developed a reputation as fearless, hard-fighting shock troops. Wikipedia content changes; this information was accessed on November 7, 2017.




Historic Greenwood Property for Sale in Culpeper






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